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Hard Bond

Endura-Bond provides an extended-wear hold that actually cures when exposed to humidity, and skin moisture. Use this glue VERY SPARINGLY for the longest possible hold. We do not recommend this glue for fragile lace materials although some of our clients use it with great success. It goes on clear, and remains clear. It bonds skin and hair in seconds so use cautiously. Use our Endura-Bond Remover to remove from the skin and clean from the base.

NOTE: We cannot ship the remover for this product by Air. Thank you!

Tinted Soft-Bond Adhesives

Tinted adehsives for a more natural, less-detectable appearance.

Soft Bond

Secure Silicone Adhesive and Invisi-Bond Water-based Adhesive

Daily Wear Tapes

These tapes are generally less "aggressive" than our Extended-Wear Tapes, but are more affordable and can be used repeatedly for up to 3-5 days. Ideal for the user who removes their attachment every evening.

Extended Wear Tapes

These adhesives are designed for optimal hold over the longest possible period without breaking-down and getting "gooey". Tapes are fast and conveient to use and easy to clean up after. Our Extended-Wear tapes include: True-Blue Lace Tape, Air-Flex Bonding Strips and Contours, SUPERTAPE Low-profile and, the industry's longest-lasting, best-selling double-sided tape: SUPERTAPE.

Adhesive Removers

PURE, PURE Citru-spice and Endura-Bond Remover


Other Accessories

Stop Shinetm, Clips, Knot Sealer and Skin Shield, empty PURE, and Invisi-Bond bottles, gallon jugs, and Zip-loc bags.